2014 Heatherwood Village Annual Meeting

Post date: Jun 20, 2014 12:56:27 AM

On June 4, 2014 HOA members met at Rochester Hills City Hall to discuss events of the past year and plans for the next. Attached you will find the 2013 cash basis financial statements and the 2014 budget. Note that the budget represents maximum allowable expenses not projected expenses.

The budget was unanimously approved at our meeting. Some members were concerned by the build-up of funds over the past few years as they believe rates should be lowered if we are not spending funds. Be aware that the board needs to prepare for future large expenditures which would exceed normal collections allowable in one year. For example, sewer repairs and pond dredging are very costly and infrequent expenditures (ranging from every 5 to 10 years) which require us to plan and save in advance. This build-up of funds is in light of that fact.

Some members are unaware of the extensive sewer system which the HOA is responsible for. The board is planning periodic preventative maintenance and inspections of the entire sewer system over the next couple years. Please see the attached map for a copy of the sewer system. We will inform members when there are any major developments on the sewer maintenance program.

As is usual, the Board has contracted landscaping services to spray for insects, maintain our over 40 acres of property's vegetation, and general repair/replacement of aging infrastructure. We are also looking for members to become involved in the board on a part time or full time basis. Please let us know if there is something you'd like to help with in the neighborhood. We are currently looking to build a blight committee to respond to some recent complaints. Let us know if you'd like to help with this.

Please email the board at Heatherwood@Heatherwoodvillage.us should you have and questions and comments. Have a great summer!