Q&A Page

Q. Is the neighborhood managed by a property management firm?

A. To reduce costs, the association is managed directly by the Board of Directors who are homeowners within the subdivision; per the bylaws, Board members must be homeowners within Heatherwood Village and may not receive compensation for their time spent carrying out their duties (with exception of reimbursements for association costs incurred as authorized by the other board members and by extension the general membership).

Q. Is membership in the Association mandatory?

A. If you are the owner of a home in Heatherwood VIllage, you are automatically a member of the Association.

Q. Does the Association conduct a general membership annual meeting?

A. Yes. The date has not been set for the annual meeting for 2022. It will be delayed to January 2023.

Q. What are the annual dues?

A. $184.60 for 2023.

Q. If I rent the property, may I have dues notifications and newsletters sent to my primary residence?

A. No. All formal dues notices must be delivered via US Mail. As the Association does not pay for outside management services, it does not maintain alternate mailing addresses, Dues notices will only be mailed to the properties within the subdivision.

Q. What do my dues pay for?

A. Maintaining HOA sewers, pond, parks, trails, events, landscaping and more.

Q. Are there any rules/restrictions?

A. Yes. Please visit the Files & Resources page to view the bylaws.

Q. If I wish to make exterior improvements to my property must I first obtain approval from the Association?

A. All changes must be submitted to the board for approval prior to change.

Q. When is trash pickup? Does it include recyclable items?

A. Trash is picked up weekly at curbside on Thursday of each week. Pickup may be delayed due to holidays or bad weather. Separate bins are provided for both trash and recyclables. Trash collection contract is negotiated by the City.

Q. Is there an active neighborhood watch in our area?

A. No, but we encourage association members to notify local authorities if they witness suspicious activity.

Q. Are there regular meetings?

A. Yes, monthly board meetings are typically held the second Tuesday of every month at at 7pm.